IE2 Electric Motors

TEC Motors are an established IE2 electric motor distributor based in Worcestershire who supply a range of IE2 motors which conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission high efficiency standards.

IEC Standards – International Electrotechnical Commission

The IEC provide specifications for electrical equipment with the intention of creating internationally recognised standards. Throughout the world electrical drive units are responsible for using 30%-40% of all electricity produced. Up to two thirds of that energy consumption could be saved by thoroughly implementing these standards.

The latest EU legislation means that all electrical drive units produced must conform to a minimum requirement.

There are three categories which make up these standards. They are:

  • IE1 Motors = Standard Efficiency
  • IE2 Motors = High Efficiency
  • IE3 Motors = Premium Efficiency

The reason these tiers exist is to provide options for the body that commissions the manufacture of a system which contains an electrical drive unit. For short term or temporary implementation the cost effectiveness of a premium efficiency unit cannot always be justified. However a long term or permanent system would make good use of an electrical drive that provides the same result at a lower running cost (even though the initial cost is higher).

All of the products TEC Electric Motors supply conform to these standards.

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