RS/RT Range Varvel Worm


Single worm gear boxes

The worm gearboxes, RS and RT series, specifically designed for universal mounting, are manufactured with die cast housing and covers in aluminium up to the size 85 and cast iron from the size 110.
Torques listed in the selection tables are output torque values for the specific size and motor powers are always referred to at 1400rpm.
Gearboxes are supplied filled with synthetic long life oil.

Helical worm gear boxes

The gearboxes, RA and TA series, made up of an independent single stage helical gearbox FXA fitted to a standard FRS or FTR gearbox, allow greater output torque and higher efficiency than the FRS and FRT gearbox with equivalent ratios.

Two stage worm gear boxes

The gearboxes, RS/RS and RT/RT series, are made up of two gearboxes RS or RT and offer a full selection of high reduction ratios to obtain the very low output speeds. 

Dimensional Data