TEE IE2 High Efficient motors

TEE(1.1kW to 55kW) high efficiency IE2 three phase electric motors are accredited by CEMEP and ECA listed. High efficiency three phase electric motors reduce your tax liability by claiming an enhanced capital allowance (ECA website link within useful links).

High efficiency electric motors conserve energy over extended time periods reducing energy costs / overheads. 


Key benefits of choosing a TEE High Efficiency IE2 accredited motors:

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High Efficiency EFF1/EEF2 Electric Motors

High efficiency EFF1 & EEF2 electric motors are accredited by CEMP & ECA and reduce your company's tax liability as you can claim an enhanced capital allowance. The main benefit of using EFF1 and EFF2 motors is that they are energy conserving motors and will save your money over extended time periods. In addition the less energy the electric motors within your company consume will be beneficial for the environment.

EFF1 Motors

The key benefits of high efficiency EFF1 electric motors are that they reduce your company's energy consumption, are approved by the ECE Capitol Allowance Tax Relief Scheme, have reduced running temperatures which increase their lifespan. In addition EFF1 motors are easily installed and upgradable.

EFF2 Motors

EFF2 motors have a number of benefits such as; low running noise levels, only slight vibration during operation, reliable, small dimensions and are light weight in construction as have been developed utilising an aluminium housing. EFF2 motors will become the standard in industry replacing EEF3 motors as they have the least efficiency and are slowly being fazed out because of growing concern for companies to reduce their energy consumption and affect on the environmental.

Uses for EFF1 & EFF2 Motors

EFF1 and EFF2 high efficiency motors are ideal for use driving plant machinery such as pumps, compressors, transportation equipment, conveyor belt systems and food processing systems.

Why you should buy EFF2 Motors?

The benefits of opting for EFF1 motors instead of EFF2 motors are clear as a standard 90kW EFF1 motor is able to save up to £10,000 in electricity usage in its lifetime compared with a EFF2 motor. However this does not mean that most companies use EFF1 motors because upgrading electric motors takes time and investment and the majority of motor buyers are not directly involved with saving energy consumption, so short term savings in money are their main concern and not energy efficiency.