Permanent Capacitor Motors

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MY Permanent Capacitor: MY Single Phase AC Permanent Capacitor (0.18kW to 2.2kW) IEC standard electric motors are suitable for industrial equipment and domestic applications with a single phase 220/240V supply. Permanent capacitor (PSC) single phase motors should not be used in hard to start applications such as woodworking machinery, air compressors, high-pressure water pumps, and vacuumed pumps. ML Capacitor start / Capacitor run are a real powerhouse which is the correct choice for applications that require high starting torque. (Please view the ML Series product range) MY series are ideal for fans, blowers with low starting torque needs, and intermittent cycling uses such as adjusting mechanisms, gate operators and garage door openers, many of which also need instant reversing.

Key advantages MY single phase permanent capacitor motors offer: Speed Controllable Very reliable 0.8 – 1.2 Torque Rated 6 pole and 8 pole on request No mechanical starting mechanism Rotatable top mounted aluminum terminal box (capacitor enclosed) Lightweight Multi mount B3, B5, and B14 options Low starting currents

MY Permanent Capacitor Specifications: IEC Standard Dimensions 220 – 240V AC IP55 suited for wet and dusty environments Class F insulation (40 degrees ambient) Rise B (105 degrees) S1 Duty (Continuous) Multi mount B3, B5 and B14 or a combination mount

Offered modifications include: Specially designed shafts Heaters 110V and 240V DC Klixions Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down applications Special epoxy painting Double shafted Directional drain holes IP up grades Tropicalised windings Thermistors

Applications for Single Phase Motors: The MY series of electric motor has many domestic applications as well as its industrial uses. They are ideally suited for use in fans, blowers, gate operators and garage door operators. The ML series of electric motor provide a higher starting torque than the MY series. This enables the ML series to be used in agricultural machinery as well as pressure washers, vacuum pumps and refrigeration. All of these motors are able to switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise operation instantly and speed is variable. There are several possibilities for mounting these motors to your equipment making this the ideal choice when assembling an adjustment mechanism.

Single Phase Motors - Specification Options: Throughout the range of single phase electric motors we can provide additional modifications which can adapt your choice of motor to its surroundings. For a full list of these features, select one of the motors listed above. For any further information, feel free to contact us.

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