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FCNDK Worm Gearboxes

Worm Gear Boxes gear casing (sizes 025-090) and benefit from being able to be installed in open air. No extra servicing is required for our worm gear boxes which are supplied with synthetic oil and are sealed for life. Sizes 110-150 are lubricated with mineral oil and supplied with breather, drain and filler plugs.

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Worm Gearboxes
TEC Electric Motors worm gear boxes are constructed with an air tight and dust proof aluminium gear casing and benefit from being able to be installed in open air. No extra servicing is required for our worm gear boxes as they are sealed for life.

Suitable Applications for Worm Gear Boxes
Our gear boxes are suited for uses such as conveyor systems, thermal power plants, crushers, cranes, bail mills, cooling towers and extractors. Worm gear boxes are commonly used in all kinds of industry including the paper, sugar, textile, solvent extraction, plastic and leather processing industries as well as power plants, steel industry and waste water treatment.

Custom Specification Gear Boxes
If you require custom specification worm gear boxes, we have the expertise and experience necessary to custom spec worm gear boxes which match your bespoke requirements. We work from supplied drawings and or individual specifications. For more info, click here to contact us directly via our contact form.

Mechanical Variators
TEC Motors supplies high performance mechanical variators which have been designed and manufactured to maximise their operational lifespan, whilst allowing them to function in cooler and smoother conditions. Our mechanical speed variators are available in a range of motor power and speed specifications for use in all kinds of industry such as conveyor systems, food process machinery, machine tooling and sugar mills.

Our variators feature fully sealed enclosures, which allow for service free and safe installations and are produced with light-weight aluminium casing up to size UDL 0.75. Key features include output flanges which adhere to IEC standard sizes, suitable for worm gearbox units as well as offering high precision adjustments, steady performance, low noise and temperature increase.

Mechanical variators control the speed variations needed when controlling industrial machines with gear boxes and can control both increases and decreases in speed dependent upon specific process requirements.

Variator Full Specifications
For detailed specification data about all our mechanical variators see our product pages for detailed PDF documents listing both dimensional and performance statistics.

FCNDK Worm Gearboxes

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